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2 years ago on 5 February 2012 @ 9:10pm + 135 notes
# ask

What scene would you like to see posted?

Any that you feel get ignored by disney blogs, or even just one that you love!

  1. aliquis-latet-error answered: Lady and the Tramp!
  2. daph-nean answered: Peter Pan in Return to Neverland - the part where he’s holding Jane and they are touching to rainbow :$
  3. yagurldolls answered: ANYTHING PETER PAN
  4. stylehorans answered: BAMBIIIII :) x
  5. lifeislikeanironicgame answered: Nemo! Dori in the shark scene!
  6. l0vely-awkwardness answered: Esmeralda <3
  7. i-l0ve-to-laugh answered: One from Hercules :)
  8. disney-magicc answered: Duchess and Thomas from Aristocats :)
  9. topsidedown answered: LION KING
  10. flirtypink answered: cinderella
  11. nevergrownup9 answered: Tangled
  12. mermaids-indians-pirates answered: i love peter pan, and beauty and the b east:)
  13. spider-kisses answered: The Sword In The Stone; Anything. It’s being ignored =(
  14. niamhlikeswifi answered: when lock shock and barrell bring the easter bunny instead of santa to jack by accident in the nightmare before christmas
  15. coco1010 answered: Ariel waving at Eric from balcony p- p
  16. neo-hylian answered: Hi :D I really would like to seeing, in your blog, the Merryweather’s mimes when she is irritate :) She is too cute :3
  17. dimensionwitch answered: kh2, when Belle punch a guy from organization with her elbow *0*
  18. oh-snap-ur-a-jap answered: something from atlantice: the lost empire, mosters inc,peter pan, lady and the tramp and the fox and the hound
  19. roxysafire answered: BALTO!
  20. megjum answered: Hercules! When either or both Hercules and Meg say “People do crazy things.. when they’re in love” please (:
  21. mattykeehl answered: Scene in The Black Cauldron where Gurgi makes Taran and Eilonwy kiss. Or the fairies :D
  22. todolightinginneverland answered: feed the birds from mary poppins!
  23. bikesarefor-lovers answered: I never see Genie :’(
  24. raynshyu answered: The “When She Loved Me” sequence in Toy Story 2.
  25. suchwonderfulthings answered: The scene in Tarzan where he meets Jane and they hold their hands together. :)
  26. thecuriousteenidle answered: Um… Tons of scenes from Oliver and Company, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, and Lady and the Tramp? /doesn’t really have any specific ones
  27. sweetest-hope answered: any scene from aristocats <3 please
  28. mariushotmercy answered: I would love to see a scene from Sleeping Beauty
  29. princessofthescoundrels answered: The Emperors New Groove!
  30. stolenpersephone answered: hm… when Jim is airskating in Treasure Planet’s beginning.
  31. ladyhonoria answered: crying Belle in beauty and the beast, the prince/beast looks behind him walking down the hall in the castle and sees her crying
  32. lileeecherie answered: tangled throwing down her hair from the tower :)
  33. alphabetponyy answered: scales and arpeggios from the aristocrats
  34. sunsp0t answered: When Pocahontas and John Smith first see each other. ccc:
  35. firstandfinest answered: any in treasure planet!
  36. isaaclahye answered: Anything Fox and The Hound, such a good disney film that is always neglected!
  37. bewarebabeinside answered: something from the black cauldron
  38. onepandaparfait answered: Anything from the Three Caballeros or dumbo
  39. amare-lavita answered: beast turning into man
  40. exhusbands answered: lady and the tramp with the spaghetti(:
  41. meloromantics answered: THE CACTUS BUTT SCENE! It’s always been my favorite :3
  42. dreamitdisney answered: wall-e and eve when wall-e is finally revived
  43. allthisisforu answered: aladdin and jasmine flying
  44. siriusl-y answered: i wanna be just like you from the jungle book please?
  45. swanboness answered: aristocats!