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Hey, followers!

This blog has been practically abandoned these last few months, but that will be changing soon!  School really got in the way, but we should have much more time to make content now.

Feel free to give requests for specific scenes, and yours might be chosen!

  1. t97v answered: all of genies funny scenes in alladin!
  2. youaretheonlyexceptionct answered: How about Wall-E scenes!?
  3. christy-kreme answered: The scene in The Emperors New Groove where Pachas kids are supposed to go to bed but instead say “yah-ha na-ah” repeatedly.
  4. naught-but-a-lioness answered: Wendy and
  5. crazdancer327 answered: Anything with Mater would be awesome!
  6. im-happening-now answered: Alice in Wonderland at the tea party when the mad hatter is putting stuff in the watch :)
  7. getawayfrommenow answered: Thank you for this blog! I cannot tell you how many days a post here has saved. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  8. newzealandsky answered: dancing scenes of the princess movies! :) <3
  9. livelovelaughdancesingdream answered: I know this isn’t a specific scene…but just about anything from The Little Mermaid is wonderful(:
  10. i-l0ve-to-laugh answered: El Dorado :D
  11. friends-rebels-starfighters answered: The Sharkbait scene!
  12. frozenqueenelphaba answered: anything with ursula from the little mermaid, please! :)
  13. jay7x answered: treasure planet! jim hawkins pensive scenes!
  14. twoheartsforlove answered: simba and nala love scenes :] or kovu & kiara, ANY LION KING cuddly scenes PLEASE
  15. thesweetesthingiveverknown answered: oh oh oh! can you do Cinderella, the scene where her fairy godmother transforms her from her old dress to her nice dress :) please
  16. weileash answered: Anything from Robin Hood, please!
  17. roshi-no-tabi answered: I don’t recall seeing it, so how about Basil of Baker Street’s AH-HA! moment.
  18. mrpink627 answered: I would love to see some Ursula, Pinocchio and Pidge/Tramp! you can never EVER go wrong with Aladdin either
  19. mattbomersabs answered: in the Fox and the Hound, the scene where Big Mama finds little Todd by the fence and he’s all adorable covered in a sheet
  20. dude--buddy answered: kinda obscure so maybe it’ll be hard to make.. but in robin hood when one of the little kids (turtle?) says “shush your mouth!”
  21. rainbowmango7 answered: Glad school is over for you now :-) wishing you happy, healthy, and restful days for your immediate future
  22. butterfliesandalchemy answered: Could you do the bromance in Prince of Egypt even though its not Disney? Please? ^^ Thanks for coming back!!
  23. arrshoe answered: LOTS OF MAGIC :D
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    This blog has been practically abandoned these last few months, but that will be changing soon! School really got in the...
  25. scarabees-et-tournesols answered: Anything from “Lilo&Stitch”, one of my favourite Disney movies!
  26. duckymomoblog answered: Can u do 1 of Lilo and Stitch?(Always LOVED them)
  27. kristinalynn05 answered: OMG!! Please do Oliver & Company! That is my abolute favorite movie ever!!! I love it!
  28. sacred-chiroptera answered: Could you put up more pictures from Hercules, maybe? Thank you for your awesomeness! <3
  29. minisav answered: Emperor’s New Groove! Kronk especially.
  30. lizinjon answered: Something to do with Maleficant
  31. 0wicked3kittybitch0 answered: everything Sleeping Beauty
  32. briellephant answered: princess and the frog, the evangeline song where the fireflies are dancing above the frogs!
  33. xoxomwauh answered: Ohh The Scene in the little mermaid were ariel watches the fireworkd in the beginning :)<3
  34. the-l-i-o-n-k-i-n-g answered: Anything Lion King <3
  35. jax200 answered: Unfortunately school comes before Tumblr. Good to see you back :)
  36. nataliethphotos answered: Magic carpet ride. ^_^
  37. memorycatcher11 answered: things from the prince of egypt and snow white(:
  38. a-recovered-life answered: Jasmine in the market place for the 1st time! When she back into the man swallowing fire and he burps flames I die from laughter!!
  39. waitingatthe6thstation answered: could you make the scene of when esmerelda tells quasimodo that he isn’t ugly
  40. caat-tastrophe answered: aristcats! of all the different cats when they’re singing their song “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat”
  41. apizzahogwarts answered: mulan!