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3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 10:50am + 1 note
lol i noticed you guys only got like two ratatouille pics lol it would be nice to have more lol ;))

We only got Ratatouille recently so that’s why we haven’t posted a lot of it.  Also, we post movies on a system, so there won’t be another Ratatouille graphic or gif for a week or two.  (This goes for everyone who is asking us to post more _____).  However, we do appreciate suggestions for movies we haven’t posted anything of yet. :)

3 years ago on 23 July 2011 @ 9:36am
post more things on aladdin, you only have 3 pages.
and even some of thr stuff u have is with other charcters.
post stuff with other characters from aladdin,

All of our movies have 4 pages at the most, but we’ll keep in mind about posting other characters from it.

3 years ago on 16 July 2011 @ 10:50am + 2 notes
Is Corpse Bride also a disney movie?

Warner Bros, sorry!

3 years ago on 16 July 2011 @ 10:37am + 4 notes
why havent you done any Nightmare before christmas, Ponyo, spirited away? arent they all disney movies and they are all awsome movies

Ponyo and Spirited Away are Studio Ghibli films, and while Disney has distribution rights, we do not consider them animated Disney films.  We’ll try to get some Nightmare Before Christmas up for you though!

3 years ago on 8 July 2011 @ 9:38pm + 8 notes
How many followers do you have?


3 years ago on 8 July 2011 @ 8:15pm + 1 note
who runs this blog? i want to follow you!!

Please read our FAQ.

3 years ago on 30 June 2011 @ 5:55pm + 1 note
why dont you have the lion king tagged? why dont you have the lion king?

We do, it’s in with the ‘L’s.  When we alphabetize we ignore the word “the”.

3 years ago on 29 June 2011 @ 10:07am
i hate to be the one to tell you but its by JOVE i dont know my own strength

Now that I think about it, you’re right!  I guess that’s what I get for going off of subtitles.

3 years ago on 24 June 2011 @ 8:47pm + 6 notes
Whats your favorite song[s] from a disney movie?

My absolute favorite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  I also love I Won’t Say I’m In Love from Hercules and Hellfire from Hunchback.

3 years ago on 20 June 2011 @ 10:00pm + 2 notes
what do you use to make gifs?